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Paging Systems and Intercoms for Edmonton-area Offices, Warehouses, and Retail Settings

How big is your building? Whether you work in an office, a store, or a warehouse, it’s important to be able to make general announcements and relay information to your customers and staff. The technicians at Telephone Installation Services Ltd can help you be heard with our qualified installations, top-tier products, and advice. Our staff can customize a paging system that will allow you to broadcast to the entire building or the specific zones of your choosing. Whether your operation in Edmonton requires an intercom at a secure set of entrance doors or flexible integration with your wireless devices, our telecommunications specialists have done it all. Could your environment benefit from some pleasant background music? If so, give us a buzz. Contact our staff to learn more about the high-quality ceiling speakers, amplifiers and speakers we supply.

Why Inquire About Our Services?

Improve clarity in the workplace and secure peace of mind with our assistance.

  • Never miss a phone call or delivery again
  • Ensure break notifications are always heard
  • Enhance your building’s safety and security protocols
  • White noise sound masking can help reduce workplace distractions and augment your privacy

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